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Featured and Reviewed in's First Newsletter

Marie and Michelle were featured in's first ever newsletter!

We were honored to be asked to write the newsletter's first "Inspirational Story" and privileged to have An Evolution of Love reviewed! Many thanks to Lana and Leigh at and Lifestage Media for thinking of us!! Double click this box to read Leigh's Review of the book!

Leigh's Review of the book:

In An Evolution of Love, Marie Sykes and her daughter Michelle share the story of how Frontotemporal Dementia hit their home. When Marie's husband was diagnosed their lives were forever changed by a disease that they had never even heard of before. I knew nothing about it either and found this book to be a great resource for those looking for an introduction, or for ways to cope. An Evolution of Love is written straight from Marie's heart, and she has delivered an easy-to-read and engaging book that I highly recommend for those whose lives are touched by FTD, and for those interested in the resilience of a family.

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